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Company profile

Company profile

       China Health Group Co., Ltd. is a health management group enterprise established in 2006 under the guidance of the former Ministry of Health and the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine. The company is headquartered in Beijing and the marketing center is located in Guangzhou。The Group has branches in Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen. It is a group enterprise with the characteristic conditioning of Chinese medicine liquid as the core. It is also a diversified joint-stock enterprise integrating product research and development, production, sales, service, brand operation and education and training。China Health Group has been established since,Always adhere to carry forward the essence of traditional Chinese medicine, serve the public health, unique quality, the pursuit of excellent results as their own responsibility,To build a national brand as the goal,Has launched the exclusive special effects conditioning liquid health brand - Ziyuan, Zihuang, Fang Guyuan, Zishu Fang, Ruse,Self Hormone Balance Anti-aging brand - Source code,No addition of high-end private care brand - Maier Bride。

      China Health Group perfectly integrates traditional Chinese medicine with modern science and technology, and is committed to creating a benchmark for China's health industry。The company always adheres to the value concept of integrity, pragmatism, innovation and win-win,Through unremitting efforts, it has won the honor of China Huameye characteristic health brand benchmarking enterprise, China Huameye green health most influential brand, China Medicine liquid health first brand, and the only CCTV listed brand in the field of beauty health,It has become a strategic cooperation unit of the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Zhonghe Sub-Health Service Center, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Chinese Society of Traditional Chinese Medicine, China Sub-Health Conditioning Association, World Federation of Chinese Medicine Societies, China International Medical Healthcare Research Institute and other authoritative organizations。After more than ten years of continuous development,The company has cooperated with merchants all over the country,Including large beauty chain institutions such as Hangzhou Jordenice, Jiangsu Yongqi, Top Zun, Super Yan, Foshan Baihua Fang, Beijing Oriental famous cut, Jincheng Left Bank, Cretina, Shanghai Art Flow, Shenzhen Manqi, Fengyan Palace, Champs Elysees, Dream Palace and so on。

China Health Group's subsidiaries include:

· Comand Biotechnology (Beijing) Co., LTD

· Guangzhou Yuanmei Investment Management Co., LTD

· Beijing Jinfeng Beauty International health Organization

· Beijing Ziyuantang Health Management Center

· Heidelberg Life Care Center

· Zhejiang Linghe Sub-Health Management Co., LTD


Effect authority

Characteristic diagnosis and treatment technology of non-disease in China

Won four national 100 sub-health TCM conditioning techniques:

1. Sub-health conditioning technology of pharmaceutical liquid in muscle and bone nourishing therapy

2, balanced reproductive maintenance in the medical solution of sub-health conditioning technology

3, female menstrual maintenance in the medical solution of sub-health conditioning technology

4, dispelling cold and dispelling dampness in the drug solution of sub-health conditioning technology

Strategic cooperation unit

Chinese Association of Traditional Chinese Medicine

Zhonghe Sub-health Service Center

China International Medical and Health Research Institute

China sub-health conditioning Association Industry Group

All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce

CCTV—China Central Television

CCTV—CCTV network

CCTV—Central television network mall

CNTV—China network television


Enterprise honor

Zhonghuameye Characteristic health brand benchmark Enterprise (Issued by the National Federation of Industry and Commerce Cosmetics Chamber of Commerce)

The most influential brand of China Huamei Green Health Care (Issued by the Cosmetics Chamber of Commerce of the National Federation of Industry and Commerce)

The first brand of Chinese medicinal liquid health (CCTVChinese influence)

Sub-health conditioning designated brand (Issued by China Sub-Health Conditioning Association Industry Group)

Gender health designated brand (Issued by China Sub-Health Conditioning Association Industry Group)

520Honest enterprises (Ding Junfa, Minister of Commerce of the State and520Awarded by the Organizing Committee)

520Honesty beauty salon (National Health and Beauty Self-discipline Committee and520Awarded by the Organizing Committee)


Brand honor

Cctv-7 CCTV Exhibition Brand (Maier Bride Brand)

CCTV—7CCTV exhibition Brand (Source Password brand)

CCTV—10CCTV exhibition brand (Ponzi Herbal Tea)

CCTV—15CCTV exhibition Brand (Purple Emperor Brand)

CCTV—15CCTV broadcast brand (such as color brand)

CNTV—CCTV network charm Brand (China Health Group)

CCTV—CCTV Mall preferred brand (Ziyuan brand)


Company culture

Integrity - is the foundation of enterprise management

务实--Is the cornerstone of enterprise development

创新--Is the driving force of enterprise development

共赢--Is the guarantee of enterprise development

Enterprise goal: to build a national famous brand

Enterprise purpose: Customer satisfaction is our eternal pursuit

Brand positioning: Enjoy healthAchieve beauty

Management policy: Consolidate the market foundationLeading the industry trend

Employing principle: character decides to stayAbility determines position

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