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Talent recruitment
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Corporate recruitment


Work area: Beijing Guangzhou

Job Requirements:

1. Training of company products, projects, marketing models and other related professional knowledge

2: to the store sales, organize activities, prompt terminal store performance

3: Develop cooperation plans for cooperative stores and maintain the regional market under their jurisdiction

4: Proficient in beauty theory, basic knowledge and beauty manipulation procedures

5: Salary: 3000-5000 yuan 5000-8000 yuan

There is no limit to the treatment, and the challenge of high salary depends on personal ability

Basic salary + travel allowance + performance commission + speech supplement + year-end bonus, basic monthly income of more than 10,000 yuan, insurance, paid annual leave

6: Strong communication skills, affinity and team spirit, self-motivated, can accept fresh graduates

7: The company provides excellent accommodation environment

8: Working hours: 9:30 am to 18:00 PM

Expert (Health, private)

Work area: Beijing Guangzhou

Job requirements:

1. At least 3 years sales experience in professional line market;

2. Enthusiastic, cheerful, love beauty health industry, have a sense of responsibility and good execution, good at communication

3. Like sales work, dare to challenge high salary

4, have many years of experience in traditional Chinese medicine health。Have a deep knowledge of skin medicine, traditional Chinese medicine and other basic knowledge and skills, for customers to carry out health conditioning, relieve the sub-health state of the body;

5, have good language expression skills and teaching ability;

6. Medical, beauty health, marketing professional qualification and learning background is preferred

Job responsibilities:

1. Conduct product, technical and sales training for regional agents or beauty salon personnel to improve store performance;

2. Assist the agents and beauty salons in the jurisdiction to do a good job of preparation, publicity and resident support before the introduction of brand projects;

3. Responsible for the promotion and implementation of various promotional activities within the provincial scope, and urge agents or beauty salons to collect and ship

Training instructor

Work area: Beijing Guangzhou

Job Description:

1. Cooperated with the regional American guide, coordinated and communicated with agents, and assisted agents in the sales management of target stores。

2. Responsible for the organization, planning and hosting of terminal training meetings, recruiters and ordering meetings。

3, responsible for large-scale salon lectures and outdoor promotion planning and hosting work。

4, responsible for the promotion of product image in the region, implement and implement each marketing policy of the company。

Job Requirements:

1, good image, 25-35 years old, technical secondary school (high school) or above。

2, more than one year of work experience in cosmetics industry, familiar with cosmetics market operation and sales model。

3. Open-minded and keen thinking, able to work under pressure and adapt to long-term business trips。

4. Good communication and coordination skills and market planning and execution skills。

Doctor of traditional Chinese medicine

Work area: Beijing Guangzhou

Job Description:

Responsible for developing and implementing the guest's health care plan according to the guest's body and skin condition, following the health care advice of the health care consultant, so as to achieve the best health care effect for the guest。

Job Requirements:

1, it is required to master the basic knowledge and skills of skin medical knowledge, life beauty and meridian beauty, and know how to use the knowledge of traditional Chinese medicine to regulate the health of customers and relieve the sub-health state of the body;

2, holders of beautician certificate, beauty salon work experience is preferred;

3, good skin, elegant appearance, familiar with beauty products and techniques;

4, hard-working, with good language skills, good communication, strong sense of service, patience and meticulous work。


Work area: Beijing Guangzhou

Job Description:

1, exclusive customer follow-up service, health check arrangement;

2, customer health management tracking, follow-up and training;

3, customer relationship maintenance;

4. Promotion and sales of health products and treatment courses;

Job Requirements:

1, familiar with the work of the hospital dermatology and beauty department, can operate related treatment instruments;

2, more than two years of work experience in the beauty industry, familiar with beauty massage and maintenance;

3, more than two years of work experience is preferred;

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